Unlock The Power Of Positive Posture Habits For A Happier, Healthier, Active Life!

Backed by science

Improve your posture anytime, anywhere on your computer, phone or tablet

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Feel and look better

Improve mood and confidence

Reduce stress and anxiety

Help prevent and overcome neck, shoulder and back pain

I have always been told I needed to improve my posture if I wanted to help my chronic back pain, but i never knew how. My primary doctor just complimented me on my great posture ..I nearly fell off my chair! To top it off I am now pain free! A surprising benefit of having better posture has been improved mood and higher energy levels. I had no idea the impact poor posture was having on my life until now!"

Tom Cacciotti, another satisfied learner

Create a new positive posture habit with less than 7 minutes a day!

31 Educational  Introduction  videos -  3 minutes or less!

29 Total body  exercises filmed in four different scenic locations - 5 minutes or less!


How it works

Tap back into the brain and body's inherent posture habit

In just three simple steps

1. Psychology 

Deepen your daily cognitive awareness of poor posture habits and relearn 3 key posture ques on both a cognitive and kinesthetic level. 

2. Physiology  

Rebalance the body by releasing hidden tension patterns in the body that prevent you from your inherent positive posture habit. Strengthen key postural muscles to bring stability back to the structure and counteract the tug-of-war effect.

3. Habit

Repeat new positive posture habit for more than 21 days to establish the new long term habit. 

What are people saying?

"I'd highly recommend this program because it takes so little time each day to execute the simple routines, yet the benefits are enormous. It's such a great value, as well, considering the potential medical costs related to poor posture." 

Rich Brown, Youth Life Coach

"Before doing this work I felt tense. I had pain in my shoulders and mid back. After, I always felt limber. I felt relaxed and loose. I also felt like I looked better, more upright. I went from a bit hunched and twisted to erect. It has also improved my life in that I’ve been able to really put mind over matter. I have moments when I work on the posture program now, such as when I’m doing dishes or when I sit down to nurse. I love that I can take such good care of myself! "

Catherine Bliss, Professor and Awesome New Mom

“As a proud new father of two twin boys maintaining energy levels is extremely important. My poor posture and back pain was physically and mentally draining. Despite being crazy busy, I  prioritized just 7 minutes a day to this program. Now my posture is much better and my back pain is gone! My energy and focus can now be on the boys and being a great dad!” 

Nicholas Woodbury, Awesome New Dad

With scientifically proven techniques learn how to regain your pain free body and live a healthy, happy active life.

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It is very challenging in our busy stressful lives to remember to sit up straight. That's why this better posture program utilizes the latest in cognitive behavior techniques to retrain the brain to monitor the body subconsciously leaving  you to focus on the task at hand.  

Stop fighting yourself! Wonder why sitting up straight doesn't work? Body tension patterns physically pull you into poor posture. That's why the positive posture habit program teaches carefully selected self-care techniques to release tension patterns in the body allowing you to maintain better posture for longer.

Want to know which exercises are best for your posture? Tiered of catching yourself in poor posture but no matter how many times you correct yourself you end up in the same hunched over position? Strengthening key areas of your body, rebalances the structure and maintains good posture for you. Leaving you free to focus on more important things in like being a happy, healthier and active you.

Furthermore, the "Better Posture Program" is designed to lay a foundation allowing you to apply it to any current fitness program such as yoga, pilates, running, personal training, exercise classes or any sporting activity. What this means is you don't have to give up more time performing a whole new exercise routine. Simply apply the principles to your current workout and watch the results excel with both your posture and physical activity.

I'm too young to be feeling pain!!

Thinking you're too young to be feeling acute and chronic pain? Your right... studies show that sitting for long hours from a young age misaligns the body forcing it to send signals to the brain that a change needs to take place. So what is that change? Simple realign the body and it can stop bugging you with pain!  

Frustrated that you don't have enough time?

  • Less than 7 minutes a day for just 6 weeks
  • Small investment now for lifetime benefits
  • See immediate results that last
  • Create posture habit so you don't have to think about poor posture anymore
  • learning these fundamentals allow you to apply the approach to your daily activities so you don't have to start from scratch
  • Save time going to all those Dr appointments
  • Save time searching online for answers to your pain

Is this expensive?

  • Get one week free
  • Only 12.99 month or $7.99 month annual pay
  • compare that to co pays, sick days and loss of productivity it's a no brainer!

Tired of being tired?

Sometimes that second or third cup of coffee just doesn't work! Studies show that poor posture can contribute to lack of energy and lack of motivation. It's no wonder you feel exhausted at the end of the day. Learn to maintain a natural source of energy keeping you onto of your game!

Improve sporting performance

Other than a personal trainer who else has checked your biomechanics when being active? Now that person can be you. By reconnecting to the body, raising body awareness and learning what the correct adaptation to make to your posture you become your own coach.

Utilizing cognitive behavioral techniques the latest in self-care techniques in only 6 weeks you can relearn good posture habits and have the knowledge to maintain that for the rest of your life!

  • Imagine 10 years from now still benefiting from only 6 weeks of your time now
  • Image 30 years from now still benefiting from this program now that's what you call a return in investment!

"Vision Body Mind's Better Posture Program was a very rewarding experience!  As someone who has had a problem with Posture for over 35 years, following the Program and making a great effort to do the Exercises have shown a great improvement.  The Exercise videos are very clear and easy to follow and the additional graphics and brief explanation in the accompanying text are also wonderful to see.  I have also a much better awareness when I feel my Posture lapses into old habits and I can rectify it very quickly."

Khrishna Bhat, Another Satisfied Learner  

Take A Look Inside!

FREE VIEW - Daily Intro Of  Week Two Day Two

FREE VIEW - Chest Tension Awareness Exercise

FREE VIEW- Simple Core Strengthening Exercise

FREE VIEW - Self-Massage Exercise For The Back

* 31 Educational  Introduction  videos kept under 3 minutes!  

* 29 Total body  exercises filmed in four different scenic locations kept under 5 minutes!

What others have been saying about this course:

Krishna Bhat

Better Posture Program really works!

Vision Body Mind Academy's Better Posture Program was a very rewarding experience! As someone who has had a problem with Posture for over 35 years, following the Program and making a great effort to do the Exercises have shown a great improvement...

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William Fuller
William Fuller
Qualified Physical Educator, Natural Vision Educator and Certified Massage Therapist

About the instructor

William Fuller has been a Structural Bodyworker and Certified Massage Therapist, in San Francisco, since 2010. With a extensive background in Sport Science he combines multiple massage styles with holistic principles to achieve effective tension release and positive structural change.

He spent three years training along side Dr Meir Schneider who was born blind to deaf parents. Meir overcame his blindness through eye exercises and now drives a car in San Francisco! William Fuller is a fully qualified practitioner in the "Meir Schneider Method of Self-Healing Through Movement and Massage" and works with people world wide.

Course Curriculum

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38 Texts
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