What is the Large and Small Print

This easy to download PDF file contains two sheets of print that incrementally shrink in size. Easy to print multiple copies allowing you to take the exercises anywhere and create multiple copies. You can also put the chart on any device such as a smart phone or tablet and always have it on the go!

Course Curriculum

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About the instructor

Qualified Physical Educator, Natural Vision Educator and Certified Massage Therapist

William Fuller

William Fuller has been a Structural Bodyworker and Certified Massage Therapist, in San Francisco, since 2010. With a extensive background in Sport Science he combines multiple massage styles with holistic principles to achieve effective tension release and positive structural change. He spent three years training along side Dr Meir Schneider who was born blind to deaf parents. Meir overcame his blindness through eye exercises and now drives a car in San Francisco! William Fuller is a fully qualified practitioner in the "Meir Schneider Method of Self-Healing Through Movement and Massage" and works with people world wide.

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